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 What People Say About Mary

"Mary is a dedicated supporter of education.  We are lucky to have her on the 4J Board."

 â€”Rosie Pryor 


  • "Mary is a true leader in Eugene's education community. Her her passion for student success, both as a member of the 4J School Board and as a volunteer in three schools in the District, knows no limits. I am fortunate to serve by her side on the 4J Budget Committee. As a father of three children at 4J schools, I am honored to endorse Mary for reelection." --Joshua Burstein, Chair 4J Budget Committee
  • "Dedicated, skilled, and diligent, that is Mary to a tee!" --Peggy Ronnau
  • "Mary Walston personifies public service.  She is a thoughtful visionary and a stalwart advocate for students, access, and equity. I am proud to endorse Mary for her reelection." -- Matt Keating, LCC Board of Education
  • "I wholeheartedly endorse Mary Walston for 4J School Board.  Mary asks the important questions, values feedback and input from the community, and is a good steward of the district resources. She cares deeply about education and is committed to making sure that every 4J student has the opportuity and support needed to suceeed." -- Laura Illig
  • "I am supporting Mary's re-election to the Eugene 4J School Board. Mary is a passionate advocate for children. She volunteers countless hours working on all levels of our school district to ensure that every student receives a high quality education - from working as a volunteer in classrooms to ensuring the district has policies and procedures that support students and that district funds are spent in way that supports this goal.  Mary's extensive experience and knowledge and her outstanding organizational skills are a valuable asset to the work of the Eugene 4J School Board." -- Judy Newman, 4J School Board Member
  • "Mary Walston is a skilled advocate and tough negotiator. Mary's highly effective leadership in local government administration was a guiding light for me in my own career. Mary demonstrates strong positive personal values and the unique ability to bring people together to do the right thing for our communities. I whole heartedly endorse Mary Walston for 4J!  -- Christina Bauske
  • "Mary Walston is smart, caring, involved and exactly who we need on the school board." -- Victoria Whitman
  • "Thank you, Mary, for giving your time to my 3rd grade class every Monday.  And, thank you for the nearly 10 years of volunteer service you have given to my classroom."-- Kim Hove
  • "Mary is a tireless advocate for all our children and brings experience, passion, organizational skills and a breadth of knowledge to the Board. We are lucky to have her there...lets keep her there!" -- Karen Hamilton 
  • "During the time I worked as an administrator for the Eugene School District, I had several opportunities to work with Mary on many campaigns, initiatives and with the charter schools in particular. Her commitment and willingness to dig into any issue affecting staff, students, the community and the district itself, was and has been unflagging and ongoing for many years. I wholeheartedly support Mary's continued participation in the governance of the Eugene School District." -- Marilyn Nersesian
  • "Mary takes her service on the 4J Board very seriously. She is committed to showing up, visiting different schools and actually volunteering in the schools. She is thoughtful and sincere in her service." -- Joan Obie

I have been endorsed by the Eugene Education Association, the Oregon Education Association, the Democratic Party of Lane County, Stand for Children, and Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon.  I support the work of these organizations and I am grateful for the faith and trust they have placed in me with their endorsement. 

On May 2, the Eugene Weekly endorsed me. Thank you Eugene Weekly, read the endorsement here.    

On May 4, the Register Guard endorsed me. Thank you, Register Guard.